Repairs and maintenance

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We know that the way we carry out repairs is important to you. You can use these pages to find out more about our repair service, what our responsibilities are and what repairs you are responsible for.

Last year we carried out 21,488 repairs, that's an average of 375 a week. We prioritise our repairs so that we tackle the most serious repairs first. For example, a broken front door lock is more urgent than a broken gutter, and a leaking or blocked toilet, is more urgent than a dripping tap.

We have set ourselves challenging targets to ensure we complete your repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Before reporting a repair, check that you have all the information that we will need to deal with your repair and that we are responsible for fixing it. While we will carry out most repairs, you are responsible for repairing some things in your home yourself. If you repair is an emergency please call us on 0300 123 2222.

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Repair responsibilities

Responsibilities for repairs are outlined in your tenancy agreement. The information below provides a guide to what our and your responsibilities are for repairs to your home. If you are unsure who is responsible for carrying out a repair please call us on 0300 123 2222 or fill in the above form. Please note this information does not relate to leaseholders or shared owners.

We are responsible for:

All repairs listed in the Right to Repair legislation, which may include some of the below:

Baths, basins, sinks, toilets, tiles, flushing cisterns, waste and water pipes

Heating systems
Installations for gas, electric, heating and hot water supplies

External doors, including faults to the main lock

Kitchen units
Sink, bowl and drainer
Cooker socket

Downpipes, drains, gutters, hot and cold water supply

Internal and external walls
Floors and ceilings
Window sills, catches and frames
Painting the outside of the property – but only if we have previously painted it
Paths and steps

Brick and concrete sheds
Garages and stores which are part of the property
Boundary walls
Hard-wired smoke alarms
Electrical wiring, sockets, switches and circuit breakers

You are responsible for:

Tap washers
Plugs and chains to bath and basins
Toilet seats and lids

Central heating
Any system that you have fitted
Replacing the removable parts of a solid fuel fire, such as fireplace tools and ashpans

Keys and fobs
Internal doors and fittings (such as handles, bolts, catches)
Trimming doors so that carpet will fit

All kitchen appliances

Blocked sinks, washbasins or baths
Washing machine and dishwasher fittings

Carpets and tiles – unless already laid in the kitchen or bathroom
Window glass and glass in external doors – unless it was broken in a criminal incident and you have reported it to the police and have a crime reference number
Any aerials or satellite equipment
Minor plaster cracks to walls and ceilings

Clothes line posts
Fences between gardens
Garden paths
Inside decoration
Wooden sheds
Curtain rails
Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
Electrical plugs
Smoke alarm batteries

We take responsibility for repairing and maintaining your home and will carry out most repairs free of charge. However, we will charge you for the cost of repairing any damage you are responsible for, including any damage that you, your family or visitors cause by accident, carelessness or neglect.

If you request us to help deal with some of the things that are your responsibility to repair, we’ll tell you whether there will be a charge for work and how much it will be when you report it to us.

If you want to alter your home you need to ask our permission first. We will not be responsible for repairs to alterations that you have made to your property unless we have agreed in writing to this. If we give you permission to make an alteration to your home, it is your responsibility to apply planning permission if necessary. All alterations must be carried out by a suitably qualified person. We reserve the right to inspect the finished alteration. You must ensure you have your own insurance whilst undertaking alterations or improvements.

Bogus callers warning

All our employees and contractors have identification badges complete with photograph. You must ask to see an employee’s badge before you let someone claiming to be from us into your home.

If you are unsure who they are, do not let them into your home. Instead, ask for their identification badge and call our offices on 0300 123 2222.

If you call out of office hours (8.30am – 5pm, Monday – Friday) and no-one is available to verify the details, tell the caller that it is inconvenient and that you will re-arrange the visit.

Your safety is our priority. None of our employees will be offended if you feel you need to do this.