Bromford partnership

Our partnership with Bromford began in July 2018; together we are creating a new Bromford which provides services to 90,000 customers throughout the Midlands and the West of England, which has plans to invest £1.5bn in building 14,000 new homes over the next ten years.

Getting to know our new organisation - Number of colleagues 1703; Number of homes owned and managed today 36,613; Planned number of properties to develop in next 10 years 14,000

Plans for the partnership were announced in December 2017 and were approved by the Boards of both organisations in spring 2018. The three key opportunities that this partnership will deliver for current, future and aspiring customers are:
a) we will be able to increase the number of staff working with customers and the community;
b) we will extend the services we currently offer so that they are focused at better meeting customer needs and aspirations; plus
c) We will be able to increase the number of new affordable homes we build, delivering 14,000 new homes over the next decade.

How are things changing?

Customers will see very little change as a result of our partnership. The name of your landlord will eventually change but your tenancy agreement / lease would continue without any change whatsoever.  Your tenancy rights and rent would not be affected in any way as part of these plans; any increase or decrease in rent and service charge will be in line with your existing tenancy agreement / lease.

From July we have begun refering to ourselves as Bromford when you call us on the phone or visit our office. When our staff visit you in your home they will be wearing Bromford uniforms and in the second half of 2018 the old Merlin vans will be changing to have the Bromford logo on them.

We continue to be a registered provider of social housing and are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency and subject to the same rules and regulations which govern all housing associations.

Whilst you will notice no change to your tenancy rights we are confident you will notice positive improvements to the day to day services you receive.

And we have announced that Bromford is also now in talks with Gloucestershire housing association Severn Vale to join us in 2019. If it goes ahead it will allow us to build even more new homes over the next ten years and will further increase the number of staff working with customer and the community.

Have your say on the partnership

At the start of 2018 we contacted our customers to ask them what they think about the proposed partnership. These views are being collated and will be put to our Board at its meeting in March. 

We've drawn up some frequently asked questions about what the proposed partnership will mean for us and for you, which we hope you will find useful.

Click or tap here to find out about how we've consulted with customers about the proposed partnership

In the meantime we know you will want to find out more information about our potential partner. 
Click or tap here to visit the Bromford website.  

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