Ending your tenancy

If you are moving from your home and ending your tenancy with us, you need to give us at least 28 days’ notice. You do this by filling out the Notice to Terminate Tenancy form, which you can get from your housing office.

Important notes

If you give us less than 28 days' notice to end your tenancy, you will still be charged for the full notice period.

You need to return your keys to your area housing office by 12noon on the Monday your tenancy ends. If you don't return them in time, then you will be charged the equivalent of an extra week's rent.

Please note that we use the 28 day period to arrange for another tenant to move in. This means that we may bring new tenants to view your property in the weeks before you leave.

We will also visit you to inspect the condition of your property. If you have damaged your property or it is in very poor decorative order, we will ask you to put it right or be charged for any works we have to carry out. If you have carried out any improvements to the property which we've allowed you to make, then you may be entitled to compensation for these.

Before moving out you should:

  • carry out any repairs that have been identified as your responsibility before you leave. If you do not we will charge for this work
  • take all your furniture and belongings with you, this includes carpets
  • leave your property in a clean and tidy condition. You will charged if we have to do this for you
  • remove any rubbish from the property and garden
  • leave all decorations in a clean and tidy condition
  • let your electricity, gas and water suppliers know you are moving, give them the meter readings and your forwarding address. Please let us know if you have any debt on your meters
  • let the Council Tax section at your local authority know when you are moving and your forwarding address
  • if you receive any Housing Benefit, let them know when your tenancy will end and your forwarding address
  • get your telephone and internet disconnected
  • arrange for your mail to be redirected.