Get involved!

Get Involved!

Annual Report to Customers 2016-17Like any other business we want customers involved in shaping every aspect of what we do. We offer different ways for customers to get involved. You can join an established customer involvement group on a topic that grabs your interest or take part in a more casual manner by joining a one-off project on a specific issue.

What’s on offer?

Help shape our services

Sparks group: Suits customers interested in how we deliver customer service making sure we understand and respond to the diverse needs of all our customers.
An involved customer told us "It is good to be able to contribute to improvements being made and for Merlin to learn from its mistakes."

Our co-regulation structure Tenancy and Neighbourhood group: Suits customers interested in tenancy rights and responsibilities as well as how we aim to improve local neighbourhoods.
A customer explains "I wanted the opportunity to give a resident’s perspective of how Merlin’s decisions can affect resident’s lives, their homes and the neighbourhoods in which they live. I recommend residents take the opportunity to get involved. If you want to know more and make changes don’t just sit on the side lines."

Home group: Suits customers interested in shaping how we build new homes and how we carry out our repairs and maintenance programmes.
A customer said: "In 2002 I joined the South Gloucestershire Tenant Voids committee and I liked it and it progressed from there. Repairs and development is an area of housing that I really enjoy."

Help scrutinise our services

Magnifying glass Scrutiny group: Suits customers who have an interest in monitoring how we deliver our services by talking to staff and customers about their customer experiences.
The chair of the Scrutiny Group explains: "Scrutiny provides a mechanism by which we work with Merlin to drive changes in the way services are delivered across all areas of Merlin. It provides the opportunity to look closely at policies, procedures and working practices and to propose changes which we feel will improve matters for everyone."

Here are the reports produced by the Scrutiny Group and which have been endorsed by the Board:
Reponsive Repairs Scrutiny Report - June 2018.pdf [pdf] 191KB
Complaints Scrutiny Report September 2017 [pdf] 120KB

Oversee our customer involvement work 

Customer Assembly: Suits customers who have the ambition to oversee the work of all of our customer involvement groups. The Customer Assembly has a direct reporting line to the Board.
A Customer Assembly member explains: "Even though I work full time I like to help. I’d done voluntary work for a couple of charities before applying to be on the Customer Assembly. I believe that the only way to put things right is to let companies know what they’ve done wrong in order for services to be improved."

How do customers benefit?

  • By knowing you are improving customer service and holding us to account.
  • By learning new skills through doing and training (for example, carrying out surveys, understanding performance figures, diversity training).
  • By gaining new experiences and keeping your mind and body active.
  • By taking part or offering to become an ‘ally’ to a resident who has less volunteering experience than you.
  • By embracing and promoting the values of social housing.

Get in touch

We’re very happy to have a conversation with you to discuss how we can support one another.
Call us 0300 1232222 and ask for Customer Involvement Officer Delphine Guillemoteau or fill out the form below.

Resident Involvement application form

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The data you provide will be held in our systems for contacting involved residents and, where necessary on your customer record. Please see the link to Privacy, Data Protection and Security at the bottom of this page for more information about how we process your personal information.

Updates from our involved customers groups

  1. Customers scrutinise repairs service

    Our repairs service is being put under the microscope by our customer Scrutiny Group in their latest investigation.

  2. Scrutiny group appeals for volunteers for repairs project

    Apprentice carpenter Luke Naish with customer Sarah Denford and her sons

    Our Scrutiny Group of involved customers is planning to review the repairs journey from initial contact to completion and is looking for volunteers to take part.

Total results: 2