Kings Forest Community Group

KFCG are one of three voluntary groups of Tenants of Merlin whose primary activity is to represent and assist other Tenants by giving them guidance if they have problems, and monitoring the delivery of services to Tenants by Merlin.

An additional role is the operation of a small Community Investment budget, funded by Merlin and initially used to improve conditions solely for our own tenant’s security and comfort.

More recently we have taken the view that we can achieve much more with this funding if we work for the benefit of the wider communities in which we live, rather than the inward looking approach we began with, to this end we have been offering funding to deserving groups and schools who meet our criteria, that is the criteria of KFCG and of Merlin the main ones being that they must benefit a number of  Merlin residents, can show that the funding can be used for the stated purpose within 6 months of receipt, and are willing to allow us to visit and see the impact of the funding, and take pictures for publicity.

In the past two years we have funded libraries, outdoor classrooms, and other facilities or equipment in 19 schools in our area, plus several groups for disabled children and adults, and youth club facilities for the teens including sponsoring a Boxing club, and Camera club, and Mother and Toddler groups all of which help to raise the profile of KFCG and Merlin and its tenants, and hopefully lead to a better future for all of our communities.

Our area of operation covers, Kingswood, Cadbury Heath, Warmley, Hanham, Oldland, Bitton, Soundwell, Bath, and a small area of Bristol where Merlin have housing.
We have a committee of 10 members who meet monthly, each of whom has a role covering specific service areas, reporting back on those activities at each meeting, where we also consider any applications for funding in order to facilitate a swift response.

In addition we hold quarterly open meeting where any of our residents are welcome to attend and raise any questions or problems, at these meetings we always have at least on guest speaker from Merlin, usually a Head of Service or a deputy who talks about their service area and take questions from residents.

Contact Us

You can contact the committe at

Committee members

Roger Chilcott Roger Chillcott, Chairman. Also a member of the Merlin Home portfolio group.




Gerald Woodman Gerald Woodman, Vice Chairman. Also Chairman of the Merlin Home portfolio group.




Les Good

Les Good, Secretary.




Keith Mustoe Keith Mustoe, Local Pride and Community Investment. Also a member of the Merlin Tenancy portfolio group.




Terry Dewfall Terry Dewfall, Local Pride and Community Investment.




Eileen Farrant Eileen Farrant, Committee member and former Secretary.




Gisela Heath Gisela Heath, mini treasurer.




Pete SzabunasPete Szabunas, Estates and walkabouts. Also a member of the Neighbourhoods and Communities Portfolio group.




Irene Cope Irene Cope, Independent Living and a retired Scheme Manager.




John Slowley John Slowley, Independent Living.