All-time high for customer satisfaction | Latest news

All-time high for customer satisfaction | Latest news

All-time high for customer satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction with the services we provide has reached its highest level for the third consecutive quarter.

Overall satisfaction has now reached an all-time high of 86.8%, a 4% increase on the same time last year. Over the same period customers’ satisfaction with the quality of their home has increased from 83.3% to 85.6% and satisfaction with repairs has increased from 79.3% to 82.7%.

Research and Development Manager Jo Guppy said: “It’s been great to see overall customer satisfaction going up throughout the year and to beat our target of 84%. But although it’s now higher than ever before, we know we can do even better. We’ve had lots of comments from customers who’ve been taking part in our surveys during the year, which tell us the areas where we can improve.

“We’ve set ourselves the target of increasing customer satisfaction to 90% by 2019 and although we’re on course to meet this, we know we need to improve in these areas if we are going to achieve it.”

Among the comments we’ve received from the most recent survey was this one: “It is a joy to come home every day, and I know that if there is any issue, I can contact someone to help us sort it out.”

There have been some areas where satisfaction has dramatically improved over the past year. One of these is with our grounds maintenance which has saw an 11% increase over the course of the year. Satisfaction with the cleaning of communal areas has also increased as the year progressed to a high of 70.5%.

We send out the Star satisfaction survey to a random selection of customers every three months. Over the course of the year more than 800 people have responded to the survey. All of those who complete the survey are entered into a prize draw to win high street shopping vouchers.

You can see full details of the latest results in the table below.


Star survey results
Question Target 2015 -16 Target 2016 - 17 2015-16 Q4 score
Taking everything into account, how satisfied are you with the service provided by Merlin? 84% 86% 86.8%
How satisfied are you with the quality of your home? 83.5% 86% 85.6%
How satisfied are you with the quality of your neighbourhood? 89% 89% 88.5%
How satisfied are you that your rent provides value for money? 75% 75% 80.4%

How satisfied are you with the way Merlin deals with repairs and maintenance?

79% 83% 82.7%

How satisfied are you that Merlin listens and acts upon your views?

70% 70% 67.7%

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