Customer satisfaction reaches 18-month high | Latest news

Customer satisfaction reaches 18-month high | Latest news

Customer satisfaction reaches 18-month high

Customer satisfaction with our overall services has increased to an 18-month high, as customers say they are increasingly happy with the service they receive when they call us.

Our rolling average of customer satisfaction has now increased to 85.9% up from 84.8% recorded in June. It means we’re close to hitting our target of 86% customer satisfaction for the year. The improvement in overall satisfaction has been supported by an increase in satisfaction with our customer services team who respond to all calls made by customers. Satisfaction with this service has reached an all-time high.

Head of Customer Experience David Guyatt said: “We first asked customers about their satisfaction with service from our Customer Services Team in 2017, when 74.6% of customers told us they were satisfied. Since then, satisfaction has been steadily improving, and with our latest results now in, rolling satisfaction stands at 82.3%.

“This is a really positive increase and a great reflection on the hard work and great service that is being delivered by the team. We still have a way to go to achieve our target of 90% satisfaction by 2019. However, with an improved focus on training and support, we should be confident that this upward trend in satisfaction will continue.”

As well as answering questions, customers are also given the chance to leave comments about the service they've received. Among the positive comments made during the last three months were:
“Fortunately we don't have to call you very often, but when we do, you are always prompt to put things right.”
“Thank you for an absolutely wonderful service.  I am very happy with the rest and Merlin have been a pleasure to talk to.”
“We would like to praise the support worker, she has changed our lives and is very supportive.”

The improvement in overall satisfaction has also been helped by an increase in customer satisfaction with the quality of their home which increased to 86.9% over the past three months and increased satisfaction with our communal cleaning and grounds maintenance services.

Research and Development Manager Jo Ellis said: “It’s great to see that customers are getting happier with our services and the quality of their home. Staff from across the business have been making a concerted effort to improve customer satisfaction by listening to customers and responding promptly to any queries.”

We send out the Star satisfaction survey to a random selection of customers every three months. Over the past year more than 800 people have responded to the survey.

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