Customers scrutinise repairs service | Latest news

Customers scrutinise repairs service | Latest news

Customers scrutinise repairs service

Our repairs service is being put under the microscope by our customer Scrutiny Group in their latest investigation.

The team of seven customers will spend the next couple of months analysing how we perform in dealing with customer repairs from the first point of contact to the completion of the job. To kick start the project at the end of last month, four customers spent the morning shadowing our customer service team at Riverside, listening into calls as they came in from residents.

One of the customers listening in was Roger Chillcot who said he was impressed with what he heard.

“The customer service advisors have got to handle so many different types of calls,” he said. “ I was very impressed by what I heard and came away feeling like I’d learned a lot.”

Having listened to live customer calls, the scrutiny group will next be reviewing some recorded calls to see how staff responded to incoming repair queries.

Delphine Guilletmoeau, Customer Involvement Officer, said: “The second stage of the project will be looking at how we are carrying out the repairs. The scrutiny group will be going out with repairs staff to see them in action. This will give them the chance to get a real feel for their working environment and the pressures they are under.

“The customers will then follow up on the repairs they visited by contacting those customers later to ask them how they think we dealt with the repair. Ultimately it’s about making sure that we’re delivering a right first time repairs service to customers and identifying any areas for improvement.”

The scrutiny group will report their findings to Board later in the year.

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