Fun day joy for residents | Latest news

Fun day joy for residents | Latest news

Fun day joy for residents

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More than 400 Merlin Housing Society customers turned out for an action-packed day at SGS College’s WISE campus on Saturday.

The society's annual fun day featured a whole range of activities, including football skills, dance lessons and sports day events. In between taking part in the activities customers were asked their views on the services they receive from their landlord.

Resident Alison Robinson said: “We had a brilliant day – it was so well organised. There was lots of information available that I wasn’t aware of before that was very informative. My husband is unemployed, but there were some things that he was interested in so we signed him up to get involved in two resident groups.

“And the children had a great time as well. They had their faces painted, took part in the space hopper grand national and absolutely loved the science demonstrations and are still playing with the stuff they made. It was a really good, fun day.”

Merlin’s Community Investment Manager, Jennifer Griffiths said: “The day was a great success and it was wonderful to see so many residents having such a fantastic time. It was especially good to speak to so many young families as they are a group that we sometimes struggle to engage with, so it was great to hear so many positive responses from them.

“We’ve got some really good feedback from customers about our services which we’ll be using to help us improve in the future. And thankfully the weather forecasters got it wrong and the rain held off until the very end of the day.”

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