Mental health campaign shortlisted for national award | Latest news

Mental health campaign shortlisted for national award | Latest news

Mental health campaign shortlisted for national award

Our campaign to improve the mental wellbeing of customers and staff has been shortlisted for a national award.

The 'Happy, Okay, Sad?' campaign has been shortlisted for the Outstanding Campaign of the Year at the UK Housing Awards 2017. The campaign has had a positive impact on the lives of customers and staff by measurably improving their mental wellbeing.

Cam Kinsella, Leader for Diversity, Equality, Inclusion & Partnerships said: “We know that 23% of our customers live with anxiety and depression and know that this can have a huge impact on people’s lives. So in March 2015 we launched our 'Happy, Okay, Sad?' campaign to support people to improve their mental health and wellbeing and remove some of the stigma associated with talking about ill mental health.  The initial work began due to housing officers recognising the gap which existed in support for customers, this led to more intensive research taking place.

The campaign has involved a number of activities, from videos of staff and customers being positive role models by openly discussing their mental health challenges, to running a year-long series of activities to improve wellbeing amongst older customers. We’ve also held our first mental health conference, which was attended by around 70 customers and 13 local organisations.

And last year we secured £117,000 to work in partnership with the AWP NHS Mental health foundation trust and Second Step, to launch the area’s first Wellbeing College for our customers and staff. Since September roughly 200 students have taken part in courses or activities and more are booked to take part in activities this year.

Cam added: “Since we launched the campaign we’ve seen an increase in customer satisfaction from people with ill mental health and an increase in staff engagement around the subject. Customers are saying their mental wellbeing has improved after taking part in activities and their quality of life has improved. And although we’ve already had great success we know this isn’t an issue that’s going to go away and so have more activities planned for this year to help even more people because we all need to recognise that we all have a part to play in improving the world we live in.

“A huge thank you to all of those staff, customers and partners who have supported our organisation to becoming a more mindful organisation - we still have a long road ahead but being recognised for our work will allow us to share some great practise across the sector.”

The UK Housing Awards take place on 26 April in London.

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