Mentor service improving customers' lives | Latest news

Mentor service improving customers' lives | Latest news

Mentor service improving customers' lives

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An investment to keep a vital wellbeing mentor service running is already delivering positive outcomes for our customers.

We've provided funding to allow Southern Brooks to continue to deliver its wellbeing mentor service to our customers across South Gloucestershire. With some new changes to the service it means we can continue to refer people to the mentor service to help support them and improve their lives.

The service provides 1-2-1 support for our customers who may have low confidence, self-esteem, mental health, are unemployed, are in debt or have lifestyle barriers like the lack of transport. In the first three months of the service, we have referred 15 customers to the service.

One of our customers who had previously been referred to the service was a 49-year-old from Patchway who has anxiety and depression and was having regular panic attacks. They were in debt with rent, utility bills and council tax totalling more than £7,000. They were unemployed and were struggling to feed themselves or pay off their debts.

After being referred to the wellbeing mentor service their support worker contacted each of the companies they owed money to and arranged payment plans and got a water meter fitted in their home so that future bills can be monitored. The support worker arranged for a doctor’s appointment so they could get medication to help their depression. And they spoke to the council to ensure the customer was receiving all of the benefits that they were entitled to, as well as referring them to the local job club and volunteering centre.

Over the next six months, the customer has been managing their condition and has begun paying back some of the money they owe. They have been volunteering with a local organisation to boost their confidence and to provide experience for their CV. And by working with the local job club they've now secured a part-time job. This has helped improve their mental health, and they are managing to start paying off their debts.

Community Insight and Investment Officer Charlotte Galling said: “This is a fantastic example of the benefit this scheme can provide to our customers. Through the support they’ve been given they’ve turned their life around and their tenancy is now much more sustainable.

“The 1-2-1 support offered by the service is invaluable, with the support worker liaising with other agencies and helping the customer every step of the way towards a positive outcome."

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