PRC refurbishment residents visit showhome | Latest news

PRC refurbishment residents visit showhome | Latest news

PRC refurbishment residents visit showhome


The doors to our newly refurbished non-traditional showhome in Cadbury Heath were thrown open last week to residents whose homes are due to undergo the same work.

We invited the residents living in the 100 homes due to be refurbished in the next phase of the project and their neighbours, to come and find out more details about what the work involves. Visitors could speak to members of the project team staff from contractors Keepmoat, who are carrying out the work, Wetherby, whose render solution we’re using and IRT, who was able to show how heat loss is reduced in homes after the insulation is in place. They could also look through a photobook showing the different stages of a refurbishment and watch a short video produced by residents tracking the progress of the work to their homes.

Project manager Richard Hopkins said: “Everyone was very positive about the project, from residents whose homes we are already working on and those people whose homes are in the next phase. But it was also great to have so many homeowners come along and find out what we’re doing. They were all impressed with what’s happened so far and pleased with the way the work is going.”

We are now working on 48 properties in Cadbury Heath, although some work has only just started and other properties are due to be signed off this week. The next phase of the project involves improvements to another 100 properties in the area, which should be completed by the end of the year, weather permitting.

In total there are around 1,000 properties that we will be refurbishing over the next few years. The work involves installing new external wall insulation to properties to make them warmer and more weather proof.

For more information about the project, visit the refurbishment project page.

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