Transactional survey success | Latest news

Transactional survey success | Latest news

Transactional survey success

Customer feedback shows Merlin’s performance in the first quarter remains strong across four key areas of business.

Transactional surveys of customers who have been through our processes around reporting anti-social behaviour, complaints, lettings and repairs are carried out every month, with the stats rolled up to the quarter.

Across this first quarter, all areas have shown an increase, except for people’s satisfaction with the outcome of their anti-social behaviour, which dipped slightly to 70% from 75% in May.

Research and Development Graduate Jack Davie who carries out the surveys said: “It’s great to hear from customers when we have done a good job. One of the nicest comments that was received this quarter was from the lettings survey. The customer I was speaking to had recently moved into a property of ours which she described as a “paradise” commenting that the move had given her real peace of mind and that she now felt safe and secure.”

Our infographic will give you more details

an infographic of our performance






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