Village home improvements completed | Latest news

Village home improvements completed | Latest news

Village home improvements completed

Improvements to our non-traditional homes in a local village have been completed.

Over the past few months we have been working at 17 non-traditional homes in Severn Beach to fit new external wall insulation to make them warmer and cheaper to heat. And residents are already seeing the benefits of the work.

Severn Beach resident Nicola Adams said: “I am really pleased with it; it’s much better than I thought it would be. Everybody is saying it looks like a new house.
“And you can definitely feel that there are no more draughts, so it should make a tremendous difference in the winter.”

Neighbour Jean Best added: “You can really feel the difference in the morning. Before it used to be 8 – 9C but now when I get up in the morning its 18 – 19C and it’s much warmer.”

Projects Housing Officer Abbie Parfitt said: “We have had a wonderful reaction from customers whose homes we’ve completed in Severn Beach. People are taking real pride in their properties and are already noticing a big difference in the warmth of their homes and a reduction of draughts.”

With insulation fitted to the 17 homes in Severn Beach, the housing association has now started work to carry out similar improvements to homes in Thornbury. Work has already been completed at 30 homes in the town and is underway at another 40, with all of this work due to be completed by the autumn.

All of the homes were built in the aftermath of the Second World War but their condition has deteriorated over time, with many experiencing issues with damp and draughts.

Over the past few years we have fitted new external insulation to more than 500 non-traditional homes in South Gloucestershire and will be improving 144 homes in this current phase of its ongoing programme of work.

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