Making a payment

There are a number of ways that you can make a payment to us but having a bank account will increase the choices available to you. If you do not have a bank account and would like one ask your local bank branch about a basic bank account. Most people are able to open one, even if they have had difficulty with a bank in the past.

For some methods of payment you will need a rent account swipe card, you can ask for one from our housing office.

Pay your rent online now with a debit or credit card

Pay your rent online

Follow the instructions and payment will be credited to your rent account within two days.

Pay your rent by Direct Debit

The easiest way to pay your rent is by Direct Debit, which means that your rent will automatically come out of your bank account and be paid to us. You can choose to pay weekly on a Monday or monthly on any day between the 1st and the 28th day of each month. The Direct Debit updates automatically if the amount of rent you pay changes. We also have to give you advance notice of any change to the Direct Debt. To set up a direct debit payment for your rent, simply fill in this form  [Direct Debit form[pdf] 203KB]  and send it to us. We’ll write to you to confirm when the Direct Debit has been set up.

Pay your rent at a Post Office or Paypoint agent

You can pay by cash or cheque at the Post Office with your rent account swipe card. The payment will take three working days to appear on your rent account.

Find your nearest Post Office

You can also pay your rent using a Paypoint agent. These can only take cash payments. Please keep your receipts.

Find your nearest Paypoint agent

Pay your rent over the phone with a debit or credit card

You have two options for paying over the phone with a debit or credit card. You can call 0845 111 0664 to make a payment with your card. Calls from landlines to this number and charged at between 3p - 18p a minute. Calls from mobiles are charged at between 6p - 51p a minute.

Alternatively you can call 0161 621 2981 to make a payment on our automated payment line. Calls to this number are charged at standard landline rate and are included in many mobile packages.

For both numbers, you will need to have your debit or credit card and your 15 digit reference number to make a payment. Payment will be credited to your rent account within two days.

By text

You can make a payment by text using your mobile phone and your debit or credit card. You’ll need to register online at to do this and complete the registration process. You first need to provide your mobile phone number, swipe payment card number and debit or credit card details. You will then need to select a Text Code for each swipe payment card. The system will then send you a Text Password for each debit or credit card you wish to use. You can then starting making payments through text messages.

Through the allpay App

You can make debit or credit card payments through the free allpay App, available for Apple, Android and Windows smartphones or tablets. You can do this by visiting and downloading the app. You will need your swipe card number and your debit card details. Once this is set up you can just open the app and make a payment whenever you want.

Pay your rent by Standing Order

If you wish to pay weekly or monthly by Standing Order you will need to complete an instruction and pass it directly to your bank. Standing Orders do not vary and you will need to change the instruction with your bank each time the rent value changes.

Pay your rent by Housing Benefit

If you are struggling to pay your rent it might be worth checking whether you’re eligible for Housing Benefit.

You can apply for Housing Benefit if you are on a low income and depending on your circumstance you may receive rent payment in full, in part or your claim may be declined. To apply, you need to contact your local authority.

You can do a simple check to see if you might be entitled, using the Government's  Benefits Calculator. If it shows you may be eligible, you will still need to complete an application form that is available from your council or from one of our housing offices.

Please note that the Government is changing the way that Housing Benefit is paid over the coming years. When this change is introduced it will mean that all your benefits will be paid directly to you. This means that you will need to make sure you pay your rent to us on time.

Having difficulty paying your rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, or know that you will be soon, you should contact your area housing office as soon as possible. We will be able to help and may be able to make an arrangement for repayment.

If you are having difficulty and you don’t contact us for help we will have to take steps to recover the rent debt. In some circumstances this can lead to action to take possession of the property.

Your home is at risk if you do not pay your rent.

Checking your rent statement

We will send you at least two rent statements every year, showing you the payments you have made. However, if you sign up to our online residents system, SeeMyData, then you'll be able to view your rent statement whenever you want.

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