Non-traditional housing redevelopment project

A PRC property being knocked down

We’re redeveloping some of our non-traditional  properties to provide modern, energy-efficient homes, fit for the 21st Century.

The properties, which are also known as pre-cast reinforced concrete (PRC) homes, are spread all across South Gloucestershire. The first site to be redeveloped was in Coalpit Heath and the 39 new homes were completed in 2016.

We've now started work to redevelop 44 properties and a rank of garages at several sites in Coalpit Heath and Iron Acton and replacing them with 72, modern, energy efficient homes. Work is due to be completed in phases during 2018.

We've also applied for permission to redevelop ten properties in Little Stoke and replace them with 15 new homes.

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Customers living on a Kingswood estate have had their questions about the proposed redevelopment of their homes answered.

We’ve identified properties in Barrington Close and Fairview Close for potential redevelopment as they are of non-traditional construction. And this week we invited residents to a meeting so they could meet members of the Development Team and discuss any queries they may have.

Development Manager Noreen Twomey said: “Although we’ve identified these homes for possible redevelopment, we don’t yet have a timescale for this work. At the moment we’re focusing on the next sites we’re aiming to redevelop in Coalpit Heath and Iron Acton which will take around year to complete. While this work is happening we’ll be seeking planning permission to redevelop non-traditional properties in Filton and Little Stoke.

“It was good to speak to customers and listen to their views. And although we haven’t got a timescale for the work in Kingswood, customers appreciated that we came out to speak to them and were reassured that we would give them plenty of notice when the time comes.”