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Demand for social and affordable housing in our area is very high and there are thousands of people waiting on council housing registers. Although we own and manage 8.600 properties, during the last year 605 of our existing properties become empty and built 131 new homes.

Applying for one of our homes

We do not hold our own waiting list for housing. The housing register is held by the local authorities which operate choice-based lettings systems. However, from time-to-time we do have homes available to rent which you can apply for, without having to register with the local authority.

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South Gloucestershire

South Gloucestershire Council operates a choice-based lettings system, called HomeChoice. You can sign up by filling out an online form on the HomeChoice website or call their housing department on 01454 868005 and ask them to send you a form.

Bid for a home on South Gloucestershire Council's Homechoice

Bath & North East Somerset

Bath & North East Somerset's choice-based lettings system is called HomeSearch, which you can apply for on their website. You can contact the housing department on 01225 396118.

Bid for a home on Bath and North East Somerset Council's Homesearch


You can apply for housing in Bristol using the council's choice-based lettings HomeChoice system. The website contains information about the council's housing policy and allows you to apply and then bid for properties online. You can contact the housing department on 0117 922 2400.

Bid for a home on Bristol City Council's Homechoice


You can apply for housing in Cotswolds, Stroud and other local authorities on the Gloucestershire Homeseeker website.

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Exchanging your property

We are registered with HomeSwapper, the national network which allows tenants of social landlords to swap homes. If you are a tenant and want to move home, you can register with HomeSwapper and search for a home anywhere in the country. You can also join if you are a tenant with another social landlord and want to move to one of our homes.

Please note - if you are applying on Homeswapper please continue to select Merlin as your landlord and not Bromford.

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Buy a home - shared ownership

Are you looking to buy a home, but find property prices are too expensive? Shared ownership may be the answer. Shared ownership is a simple, affordable way to own a brand new home that means you part buy and part rent a home.

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How does it work?

Shared ownership is designed as a stepping stone to completely owning your own home. At first you buy a share of your property and have to pay a rent on the rest. Over time you can then choose to buy more shares in your home until you own all of it.