What your rent pays for

One of the most asked questions we receive is “What does our rent pay for?” Well, now you can find out.

Last year we spent £71 million on repairing and maintaining our homes including improvement works replacing kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors.

Your rent also helps to cover the cost of delivering services – such as local housing management, central support services and paying interest on the money we have borrowed to build new homes.

Our total expenditure - how each pound was spent from 2018-2019

One of our key strategy aims is to provide more of our customers with a home that is safe, secure and warm and for each pound spent last year, 21p went towards repairing and maintaining our customers' homes.

We also invested 22p in surpluses, such as helping to build more of the new homes this country needs.

18p of every pound went towards our interest bill and the repayment of the loans used to build your Bromford home.